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In brief

Mausoleum is a mouse colony administration software in server client architecture, which provides an easy to use platform for management of a mouse research laboratory. It is particularly useful for managing transgenic mice. The basic idea behind the program Mausoleum is that the user interface is as closely as possible related to the workflow in a mouse lab. Therefore many special features have been included.

Mausoleum has a graphical representation of the racks in which various display modes give you a quick overview of many parameters of your colony such as number of mice, age, breeding status or identify cages containing the same transgenic lines. Mice can be moved through a simple drag and drop procedure. Breeding cages are detected automatically when they contain a male and one or several females of fertile age. On log in, information is given on tasks at hand, weaning to be done and other alarms that the user can determine.

Mausoleum has a group and user role concept which makes it possible to adjust privileges of each user exactly to your needs. Tasks can be scheduled and assigned to specific users and the progress can be monitored. This also allows you to create a detailed schedule of the work to be done in the mouse room.

Special informations like the genealogy, experimental results or reports for the mating or plug efficiency and others can be accessed using specialized easy to use interfaces.

Mice can be assigned to defined legal licenses. This allows you to monitor the state of your licenses like how many mice are already covered by the license, how many were killed or sacrificed and how many mice can still be used with this license. Each modification of the data is recorded and at any time within the Mausoleum Client you can precisely determine when and by whom data was modified.

Mausoleum is 100% pure Java (v. 1.4.2. or higher) and runs on every platform which supports Java. It has been shown to work on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac Intel running OSX 10.4 or higher as well as Linux. Mausoleum provides its own database. Therefore no additional expensive software is needed.  Regular computer hardware (hard drive and RAM) is sufficient. Mausoleum also has its own version control system which makes time consuming deployment procedures obsolete.

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